Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Luke Voltin To Join USHL's Chicago Steel

Recruit Luke Voltin tweeted this afternoon that he will not pursue the WHL option but will instead begin playing in the USHL as soon as he can so that he can honor his commitment to North Dakota. As Slightly Chilled's Ryan S. Clark details in this post concerning Voltin, there is a bit of an involved process for Voltin to transition from the USNTDP to another USHL team. Nothing specific has been released in terms of what led to his dismissal from the Under-17 team.

Ryan S. Clark has tweeted that Voltin will be joining the USHL's Chicago Steel.


  1. My guess is USA hockey was wanting him to go the Major junior route and he wanted college. Probably just sticking up for himself. Ban the USNTDP

  2. Sure, he was dismissed because of philosophical differences??? I'll bet you there were school and probably team discipline issues. Coaches will need to work with this player to focus him.

  3. As a player who grew up in youth hockey with Voltin, I know him pretty well and he "violated team rules" the word was that it was grades, and difficulty with the family he was staying with. He is a great player but definitely has some discipline issues.

    1. you obviously dont know luke that well than he is like any other kid just trying to have fun and playing the sport he loves.