Saturday, June 29, 2013

2013 NHL Draft Profile: Keaton Thompson

With the 2013 NHL Entry Draft but a day away, TOE wraps up its draft profile series with incoming freshman defenseman Keaton Thompson of Devils Lake, ND.

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  • Future Considerations: "a smooth two-way defender that when he is on his game plays a virtually mistake-free game...really fluid and graceful skater; effortlessly hovers across the ice...a very good directional skater, strong on his edges, very efficient and maintains his speed when changing direction...not afraid to jump up in the play on the rush, but knows when to rein it in when the time is not right to jump up or retreat back to the point when his job is done on the rush...makes a good first pass and sees the ice real well...makes smart little plays to relieve pressure; little touch passes against the grain, etc. and is ridiculously poised with pressure bearing down on him...not a physical player overall...offensive upside is truly an unknown as he is not overly creative with the puck on his stick with hand or head fakes, instead opting for the simple play more often than not. More of an active stick type of defender than a physical one; uses his lateral mobility and reach to defend."
  • Hockey Prospect: "an excellent skater and when he’s on his game, his decision-making is near perfect...not overly physical, but intelligent, aware, poised, and fundamentally sound, with pinches at the right times, puck-rushing ability, excellent passing, the ability to quarterback a power play and get pucks on net, and instinctive and smooth defensive zone positioning...hasn’t shown that he can play at his peak on a consistent basis...footwork is borderline elite and has carried him quite far, and the tools are certainly IQ remains a major question mark."
  • Hockey Prospectus: "plays an advanced and mature game for his age...was up-and-down this season, tailing off toward the end of the campaign...shows a good panic threshold with the puck, and he tends to make good decisions...knows how to position his body and his stick in such a way to make him an effective defender despite his slightly undersized frame...a quality puck mover who makes good outlets, and he can be decent on the power above-average skater with good footwork, top speed, and closing ability. Combining those attributes with his defensive sense allows him to make a lot of stops...fairly average with the puck."

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*Special thanks to these scouting services who granted permission to use their scouting reports for this profile series:
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