Monday, October 3, 2011

2nd Annual WCHA Blogger & Website Preseason Poll

The ballots have been returned and the votes have been tallied for the 2nd Annual WCHA Blogger & Website Preseason Poll. 17 ballots were returned, including representatives from eight of the twelve conference programs. At least one representative from every school was contacted, but as the saying goes, you can send the voters their ballots, but you can't make 'em send 'em back in. Also, not all voters cast votes in every category and this will be noted in the results. Thanks to all the voters who took the time to complete the ballot and thanks to RWD, Chuck S., and Goon for helping track down the voters, etc.

Team (1st Place Votes) Points
1. Denver (10) 196
2. Colorado College (4) 179
3. North Dakota (2) 175
4. Nebraska-Omaha 141
5. Minnesota-Duluth (1) 140
6. Minnesota  124.5
7. Wisconsin 100
8. St. Cloud State 92
9. Alaska-Anchorage 68.5
10. Bemidji State 52
11. Michigan Tech 30
12. Minnesota State-Mankato 28

All-Conference Team (15 Voters):
F -  Jaden Schwartz, Colorado College
F -  Jason Zucker, Denver
F -  Jack Connolly, Minnesota-Duluth
D -  Justin Schultz, Wisconsin
D -  Ben Blood, North Dakota
G -  Aaron Dell, North Dakota

Player of the Year:
Jason Zucker, Denver (9)
Jaden Schwartz, Colorado College (8)

Rookie of the Year:
Rocco Grimaldi, North Dakota (14)
Jayson Megna, Nebraska-Omaha (1)
Joey LaLeggia, Denver (1)
Josh Archibald, Nebraska-Omaha (1)

Defenseman of the Year (16 Voters):
Justin Schultz, Wisconsin (11)
Ben Blood, North Dakota (4)
Nick Jensen, St. Cloud State (1)

Breakout Player of the Year (16 Voters):
Beau Bennett, Denver (2)
JT Brown, Minnesota-Duluth (2)
Zach Budish, Minnesota (2)
10 Other Players Received 1 Vote

Again, a big thank you to everyone that took part:
Timothy Boger, (North Dakota)
Donna, Runnin' With the Dogs (Minnesota-Duluth)
Summerzzzoff, CC Tiger Hockey (Colorado College)
Dirty, Dirty's Diatribe (North Dakota)
Nate, Gopher Puck Live (Minnesota)
Eric, Goon's World (North Dakota)
gmf1a, CC Tiger Hockey Forum (Colorado College)
Nicole, Cute Sports (Wisconsin)
Chuck, Bucky's 5th Quarter (Wisconsin)
Jeremy, Husky Hockey Time (St. Cloud State) 
Tim, Tech Hockey Guide (Michigan Tech)
Jon/Bridget, (Nebraska-Omaha)
Hammy, Gopher Hockey Blog (Minnesota)
Nate, SB Nation Minnesota/First Round Bust (Minnesota)
Ryan, Gopher Puck Live (Minnesota)
Chad, A Tradition of Excellence (North Dakota)


  1. Sleeper rookie of the year: Nick Mattson

  2. I can't disagree with you on that-he looked pretty dang good against Regina. Great skater and crisp passing. I was really impressed with the team as a whole, especially considering they'd yet to have any full length practices!