Sunday, July 10, 2011

Prospect Development Camps, Pt. 2

Here's an update on the Sioux presence at the ongoing NHL prospect development camps:

Zane Gothberg is currently at the Boston Bruins development camp and it seems as though the B's like to mix things up and have some fun at camp, as cooking lessons and paint ball competition are a couple of the off-ice activities the players take part in. Here's a quote from the latter article concerning "The Great Zane's" paintball skills:

The first person of the day to be eliminated after being shot was goaltender Zane Gothberg. He walked off the course blinded by the splatter of paint that covered half of his protective mask.

This could be, ironically, a good sign. Being a goaltender, Gothberg is used to having small objects being projected at him at high speeds. It’s just his nature to get in the way of it.

This article features Gothberg's outlook on the camp, while this one profiles the three goaltenders at Bruins camp.

Here is a blog post containing a video interview with Gothberg.

From the reports I've read, Gothberg has been sharp at times and, even by his own admission, has struggled at times. This is to be expected from a young goaltender stepping in to face the kind of high-end talent he's facing. Bruins camp wraps up tomorrow with a scrimmage.

Phoenix Coyote camp ended today, and here's what one Phoenix fan blogger had to say about former Sioux Brett Hextall:

Yes, we all know his Dad. But Brett is a different beast. He’s tough and smart with the puck, but I’m pretty sure he’ll score more goals in his rookie year than his Dad’s entire career. Brett seems like he’ll be the one that takes big hits for plays and blocks shots. I don’t know how to explain it other than he seems like a worker (along the Fiddy/Korps/Winnik vein). Again, he’s not huge but it seems like he’s got a lot of heart and UND turns out a lot of smart players.

Fittingly enough, 2:00 into the video below is an interview with Hextall, who just wants to be a guy that opponents hate:

Michael Parks is at Philadelphia Flyers camp, which concludes tomorrow with a scrimmage. Not much has been said about Parks performance at camp, but this blogger thought "he brought a tremendous amount of speed to the drills," and we all know Speed Kills.

I caught some highlights of some of the Toronto Maple Leaf camp scrimmages, and I'm happy to report that Andrew MacWilliam is being his usual physical self.

Two camp time and roster updates from the previous development camp post:
Minnesota, July 12th-17th (Former Sioux Chay Genoway)
New Jersey, July 11th-July ? (Current Sioux Derek Rodwell, Former Sioux Darcy Zajac)

I haven't come across much else concerning the Sioux campers, but there are several camps on-going and several more yet to begin. I'll continue to post updates as more comprehensive evaluations and reports become available.

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